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Top 10: Ice Creams

As always on Thursdays, I like to get a bit more personal and reveal a little about myself in somewhat of a fun way. Today: my top 10 ice cream flavors!

10. Strawberry (without strawberry chunks of possible)

9. Butter Pecan (my mom’s favorite)

8. Orange Sherbet (technically not ice cream, but close enough)

7. Cookies and Cream (not cookie dough; let’s not get those two confused)

6. Chocolate

5. Coffee (who wouldn’t have this in their top 5?)

4. Praline

3. Turtle Tracks (Mayfield Ice Cream makes the best!)

2. Rocky Road (my utmost favorite except for)

1. Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream (we make my mom’s recipe; it is to die for!)

So what is your favorite flavors? I’d love to have some replies and get to know my readers a bit.