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Top 10: Bloggers to Read

I love to read blogs; unfortunately, lately I have not had as much time to read them as I used to.  Hopefully, that will be remedied. But what blogs do I go to on a regular basis? I’m glad you asked; here is my top 10 list of bloggers/blogs I regularly read:

10. Jared Wilson. Many of the bloggers I read write for The Gospel Coalition, and Jared Wilson is such a one.  He can be a little gruff at times, but I like his insight and his forth-rightness. He writes one blog a week, the lucky duck!

9. Thom Rainer. Rainer recently announced his retirement from Lifeway Stores, but he is continuing on with his podcast and blog, along with various and sundry things.

8. The Art of Manliness. This blog is written by various people. They typically dealing with survival, books, movies, etc. You know, “guy stuff.”

7. Desiring God. Though John Piper is rightfully the face of Desiring God, there are others who also write for its blog.  I am typically blessed any time I read one of their blogs.

6. Crossway Articles. Again, various people will write these blog articles, but I find that they challenge my heart or my mind, or both to think deeper and clearer about God’s Word.  Of course, I will not tell a lie; sometimes, their articles are simply advertisements for their latest resources.

5. Brian Croft. His “Practical Shepherding” blog is a top-notch resource for pastors.  I would highly recommend this one. Unfortunately, they tend to be sporadic, but when they come they are typically worth their weight in gold.

4. Al Mohler. Though his blogs can be much lengthier they are filled with vast swaths of knowledge and understanding about our culture and how to see it all through a biblical worldview.  It takes a little bit more attention on my part to read through it (it is definitely not one to simply skim), but it is well worth the effort. This blog comes out about once a month.

3. Kevin DeYoung. He too is one that think critically at this world and Scripture and how it all interrelates with one another.  He is one that writes for The Gospel Coalition, and so his blog can be found on their site, but if you click on his name, it goes directly to his articles. He publishes about once a week.

2. The Reformed Reader. I honestly have no idea who publishes these blogs. I enjoy them because whoever does these, takes small snippets of reformed writers, pastors, theologians, and puts them out for his/her readers to chew on and to think over.  These are usually only  two – three paragraphs, but thought-provoking.

1. Tim Challies. This is the only blog that I actually have coming to my email inbox.  He publishes daily on varying subject matter, and he has helped me (through reading his blogs) to improve upon my own writing.  A few times a week, he does his “a la carte” postings which are typically articles that he has read and finds worth sharing as well as free or very good Kindle deals.

There you have it. Do you have any blog recommendations for me? Give me a comment below.
Also, if you have not heard, there is a great website called feedly.com that you can sign up (free) and have as many blogs come to you as you could ever hope.  It’s easy, it saves so much time, and you can quickly browse the titles of all the latest articles and find the ones that interest you.  No need to clean out your email’s inbox.  You can also just click on the name of the blogger you want to read and up will pop their latest blogs.  If you couldn’t guess, I use feedly.com to both read and publish.