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Top 10: Foods

I love to eat.  I used to run so that I could eat; but that was too hard.  Now I just eat.  I try not to be gluttonous, but I probably am.  Here are a list of my top 10 favorite foods to eat.

10. Fried Chicken

Somewhere in the Southern Baptist traditions of man, it became an SBC law that all SBCers must eat fried chicken.  I am a dutiful Southern Baptist.  I do my part.  If you want a good deep-fried chicken recipe: 1 package of saltine crackers pulverized, 1 cup of flour, 1 T poultry seasoning, 1 1/2 T salt (or to taste), and 2 T of paprika.  Soak chicken in milk for an hour, put it in an egg wash, dip it into your bag of mixed dry ingredients and fry.  Making my mouth water already.

9. Beef Stew

I bet if the Israelites were given my wife’s beef stew to eat everyday, they wouldn’t have complained a bit.  Beef, potatoes, and carrots (not a fan generally, but in beef stew–yum!), all in a delicious broth.  I’m a heavy pepper guy when it comes to beef stew.

8. Shepherd’s Pie

My sister made this for a family get together a few years ago.  We now have it at least once a month, I’d say.  Ground beef, carrots pureed, and mashed potatoes with cheese on top.  I sensing a pattern: beef, potatoes, and carrots….hmmm.

7. Corned Beef and Cabbage (and potatoes)

I could eat an entire corned beef brisket myself.  Don’t even get me started on cabbage cooked in the corned beef brine!  As they say in my homeland: that’s good eats.

6. New York Steamer (from Firehouse Subs)

I get only one thing when I go to Firehouse Subs: the New York Steamer.  I went the other day and ordered this bad boy.  I forgot that I generally order a half size, so this time I ordered the large.  What was that thing?  Like 18 inches of pure delight!  That’s what it was.

5. Roast Beef

Apparently, I’m a meat and potatoes kind of guy.  Make a gravy out of the grease and I’m in heaven.  My sister and I would eat our roast beef, potatoes, and green beans all covered in the gravy.  Then we’d get two slices of bread and cover those in gravy.  If you want to get me into a good mood, just make this for dinner!

4. Jambalaya

I worked at a Cajun restaurant when between the ages of 16-18.  I was spoiled.  You will will see that 3/4 of my favorites from here on are Cajun.  Jambalaya – shrimp, ground chuck, sausage, rice, spices…..mmm. mmm. mmmmmm.

3. Tamales

Really, Mexican food in general.  I don’t do menudo, but just about anything else is welcome at my dinner table. Tamales, though, are where it’s at.  There is a place in Northwest Indiana (East Chicago) called La Chiquita.  When Katie and I go up there for a visit, we stop by and grab about 6 dozen tamales to freeze.  I just recently made some tamales for the first time, with some friends.  They were actually pretty good.  We made a few dozen, but they were gone in a couple of weeks.

2. Red Beans and Rice

Comfort food.  I love this stuff.  Cajun means comfort (at least to me it does).

1. Shrimp Etouffee (or crawfish)

This is probably my favorite of all foods.  I do not even know how to describe it, other than shrimp (or crawfish) swimming in a sea of creamy Cajun broth on top of rice.

Runners Up: Steak (medium).  French Fries (could go with about anything up there).

Like I said, I love food.  I thank God for food…..and taste buds.  Definitely taste buds.  How about you?  What foods do you thank God for?  What are your favorites?

Next week top 10: hated foods.