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You’re Gonna Wanna Read This! 7/21/18

H. B. Charles, Jr. wrote this short blog that is so good and so true based on the last part of Mark 1, in which the leper comes to Jesus asking to be healed.  “The priority of this passage it what it teaches us about Jesus, but there is a lesson about prayer in the actions and words of the leper. The way he came to Jesus shows us how to go to God in prayer.”

5 Marks of Effective Prayer

Scott Hubbard, from Desiring God, shows that “Christians sing not only at sunrise, when rescue has finally rushed over the horizon. They also sing at midnight, when the blackness makes the sun seem burnt out.”  This is a short article as to why it is necessary to sing even in the darkest of nights.

Raise Your Song in the Night

John Murray explained the importance of definite atonement even in evangelism.  “…If we universalize the extent of the atonement we must limit its efficacy, and when we limit its efficacy it is an impoverished and truncated salvation that the ministers of evangelism have to offer.”

Evangelism and Definite Atonement[?] (Murray)

We are told to examine ourselves in Scripture to see if we are of the faith.  But the problem comes when we become introspective rather than self-examining.  “There’s a fine line between self-examination and introspection,” wrote Kristen Wetherwell.  Find out more by reading:

Don’t be Introspective.  Examine Yourself

We often hear that we need to live in community and do life together, but there’s more to it than just community according to Drew Hunter.  “But there’s a difference between community in general and friendship in particular. You can be in community with any number of people but not actually have any true friends.”  This one is both video and article.  Hope you enjoy.

Community vs. Friendship

Top 10: Celebrity Pastors

I am writing about my favorite “celebrity pastors” today.  Know that I am not saying in any way that I agree with 100% of their views on 100% of issues.  I am merely relating that these men have had a valuable (invaluable?) impact on my life and I love to listen, read, and follow them.  A couple are retired from pastoring, but still preach to God’s glory.

10. Mark Driscoll

Ok.  With this one, you may have already stopped reading.  But Mark Driscoll is not all bad.  He is usually pretty good with his understanding of Scripture and his application as well. I disagree with him on his stance of “discernment,” and I do not believe that cussing is a good thing for pastors (or Christians) to do.  I will be honest, I haven’t actually listened to his sermons in quite some time.  Not since before the whole Mars Hill thing.  I know he is now in Scottsdale, AZ and pastoring there.  I follow him on Facebook and Twitter, but have not listened to any sermons as of yet.  I have read many of his books and have found them a good resource.

9. John MacArthur

I like John MacArthur.  He is always well-prepared and always has something to say.  I am not sure whether it is his voice or his style, but I find it hard to stay focused with him preaching. I have to be prepared to listen to him. I can’t have just eaten anything heavy or be in a warm room or I cannot stay focused, and by that I mean I can’t stay awake. It isn’t his fault; it’s mine.  I have no idea why they always have him preach after lunch at T4G.  His commentaries are fantastic, and I love his books (especially The Gospel According to Jesus)

8. Crawford Loritts

I haven’t listened to Dr. Loritts in four years.  For whatever reason Bott Radio in St. Louis doesn’t play him.  I used to listen every Sunday on Moody radio when I was living near Chicago.  He is, hands down, one of the finest preachers in America.  I love Dr. Crawford Loritts.

7. Tony Evans

I love listening to Dr. Evans because he is simply a down-to-earth preacher.  His illustrations are just out of this world.  I wish I could apply the Scriptures like he does.  It seems to come so easy for him.  He exposits and applies seamlessly.

6. Kevin DeYoung

If I am in need of a mental-challenge, I listen to Kevin DeYoung.  Actually, I really like listening to Kevin DeYoung.  He is clear, concise, and has a wry sense of humor that makes listening to him enjoyable and enlightening.  There is power in his preaching.  The Spirit uses him in mighty ways in my life.

5.John Piper (ret.)

John Piper was at one time my favorite pastor.  He is still in my top five.  It is nothing that he has done that brought him down, at least negatively.  It was John Piper who opened up my eyes to a vast array of reformed preachers.  Because of that, I have found other pastors that I connect with in a variety of ways.  I will probably always seek to know what John Piper says about an issue, and I can honestly say that I don’t hold any other pastor with that much honor.  So perhaps, he should be number one.

4. H. B. Charles, Jr.

I did not know who H. B. Charles, Jr. was until this past year, when I heard him at T4G.  But his sermon on 1 Corinthians got me hooked.  I began following him on Twitter and reading and listening more to him.  I loves me some H. B. Charles, Jr.

3. Matt Chandler

There is something about Chandler that makes me want to listen time and time again to his sermons.  His in-your-face with the truth but out of a love and desire to honor God, gets a hold of my heart and mind.

2. Ligon Duncan (ret.)

I wish Ligon Duncan was still pastoring.  I am grateful that he is still preaching.  I have never heard nor read anything (that doesn’t mean I’ve heard or read everything) that has not impacted my life in some real and meaningful way from Ligon Duncan.  At one point in my life, I needed to explain my own position on complementarianism.  I began to write an explanation, came across a sermon manuscript (or transcript) of his, read through it, and just printed it out.  I told everyone when I read it aloud that they were his words from his sermon, but that I agreed with them fully and that he said it in such a way that I never could.  I could listen to him all day long.

1. Mike Fabarez

I was introduced to Mike Fabarez on Bott Radio.  I guess you could say I traded a Loritts for a Fabarez.  He is the pastor of Compass Bible Church in California and he is probably the least well-known of all these that I’ve mentioned in this post.  If you’ve never listened to or know who Mike Fabarez is, I would highly recommend following him on Twitter (@pastormike) and going to compasschurch.org and listening to his sermons.  They are phenomenal.  He has an ease of preaching.  He is funny but then hits hard with the truth.  Every word he preaches is to make the Word of God known and the glory of God manifested.  He is never flippant about preaching.

That’s it!  That’s my top 10.  Any surprises?  Any you’d disagree with (besides Mark Driscoll)?  Who did I leave out?  As always I love hearing from you so let me know by giving me a comment and feel free to share.  By the way, my list of celebrity pastors is in no way intended to be a dishonor to non-celeb pastors who work just as hard and perhaps harder than these men.  The church is in need of you all.  In fact I wrote about that need here.