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Top 10: Television Song Intros

It’s Thursday’s Top 10 already!? I will say this day comes so quickly. I tend to write serious articles on every day but Thursday. And yet Thursdays are my most widely-read posts every week. What does that say about my other articles?

At any rate, that being said, there are some unforgettable, some we wish we could forget like Laverne and Shirley and All in the Family (am I right or am I right?). Others we just come to mind and we can’t help but sing aloud. Here is my list of top ten television song intros. They span just about every genre and generation.

10. I Love Lucy

Did you know there are actual lyrics to this song? There are, and if you want you can listen here, but what we all know and love for your enjoyment:

9. M.A.S.H.

This too has lyrics, which are unbelievably dark in my opinion. Just giving the television here.  You can go back and search for the movie’s.  I must say that I was surprised by the movie; it’s not a comedy at all.

8. The Dick Van Dyke Show

As I am sure many of you know, there were two theme songs to “The Dick Van Dyke Show.” Obviously, the first one stunk and they remade the who intro.  There are two versions of the intro video as well: one is where Rob falls over the ottoman and one where he skips around it.

7. Bonanza

Someday they will remake this show into a movie; just have to wait until westerns are back in style.

6. The A-Team

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? And we all pity the fool who messes with B. A.  At any rate, if you can find them, maybe you can hire them…

5. The Andy Griffith Show

Think about it; this was the first song you learned to whistle wasn’t it?

4. Happy Days

Every day is a happy day with this song.  It’s just too catchy and is bound to make someone feel just a little bit better!

3. Perry Mason

The lawyer who never lost a case! Okay there was that one but it was overturned on appeal.  Raymond Burr played the greatest lawyer on television (even better than Matlock). Did anyone else find it weird that he always met his new clients right before they or a friend were accused of murder?

2. Friends

Ross was right; they were on a break! That doesn’t excuse the behavior, but they were on a break. And I am still looking for a mustache comb.

1. Cheers

Who doesn’t want to go where everybody knows your name? We all want to belong; we all long to be known.

So what your your favorite theme songs? Comment below and leave some links for us all to enjoy!

You’re Gonna Wanna Read This! 8/9/18

Winfree Brisley reviews the book: Why Can’t We Be Friends: Avoidance is Not Purity which deals with the male/female friendship issue in the church.  While I have not read the book, written by Aimee Byrd, I do think Brisley gives a review with which I can agree.  That may sound hypocritical or prejudice, and perhaps it is.  Perhaps in the near future, I might be able to read the book myself and form my own opinions.

Can’t men and Women Be Friends?

Jen Wilken gives some helpful advice on what it looks like to be free from sin in this lifetime.  This is both a short read and a short video (take your pick).

What Freedom From Sin Looks Like in this Life

Howard Thurston.  Don’t know about him?  Neither did I.  He was the world greatest magician back at the turn of the 20th century.  Unfortunately, we remember more about Houdini than Thurston.  I have to be honest, my first thought was “Gilligan’s Island” and later realized that was Thurston Howell, not Howard Thurston.  A great article (with videos of his magic tricks) by the Smithsonian Magazine.

Howard Thurston, the Magician Who Disappeared

Derek Thomas writes on the “Bored Generation” that has all this entertainment at their fingertips and yet still says there is nothing to do.  On the one hand, I think that Thomas is being a bit tongue and cheek with his solution, but on the other hand, I think he may be on to something.

A Bored Generation?

Marshal Segal asks us what we are feeding our eye.  In today’s culture, it’s easy to think that he’s talking about pornography.  It seems to saturate all of life, but:

For some, tragically, it is pornography. For others, it’s something less salacious, like sports scores or news headlines. For others, Instagram or Facebook. For still others, it’s Amazon or Target, YouTube or Netflix. Just because something isn’t inherently bad, doesn’t mean it can’t fill our eyes so full as to crowd out the one who matters most. That’s what darkened eyes are: eyes so full of something other than Christ that they can no longer see him and enjoy him.

What Do You Feed Your Eyes?