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You’re Gonna Wanna Read This! 7/31/18

If you don’t know who the Gray Havens are, then you are missing out on some musical genius.  A husband and wife duo sing Christian songs like none I know.  My son got me hooked on them, and I would definitely recommend looking them up on YouTube (my favorite song is “Silver”) and read this interview by the Gospel Coalition.

The Gray Havens Sing of God’s Storehouse

Some of you may be old enough to remember the Equal Rights Amendment, or are paying enough attention to what’s going on now to be familiar.  I have not been paying attention as much as I should have been, but thankfully I’ve read this article on the subject.  There is much at stake if this Constitutional Amendment were to pass.  “There are two approaches to getting the Amendment past. “The second approach is based on the continued legitimacy of the 35 state ratifications and ratification, thus needing only three additional states for passage.”

9 Things You Should Know About the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)

This is a great post for our Twitter world.  Chris Nye, the pastor guy (sorry), has written some great wisdom that I hope and wish we will all take to heart.  We don’t have to comment on every situation.  In fact, we ought not comment on every situation.  “We need more voices who speak out of silence rather than rage. We rarely become compassionate and wise instantaneously. It takes time. But not just time. It takes prayer. It takes contemplation.”

The Wise Do Not Always Weigh In

Philip Ryken has given some great material and advice as to us avoiding two dangers: being overly-righteous as well as unrighteous.  Sound weird to be coming from Ryken?  You’ll have to read about it.  Like I said, this is good stuff.  “Both of these errors will lead to destruction; they may even lead to an untimely death. But there is also a way to avoid both of these dangers…”

Avoiding Two Dangers

I love reading Jerry Bridges stuff.  He is a great writer and wonderful theologian.  The Reformed Reader gives us a snippet of his abilities in his blog about legalism.   “Instead of promoting freedom, we stress our rules of conformity.”  This is a very short blog, and worth the 2 minutes it would take to read.

Legalism Indulges the Sinful Nature (Bridges)