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Lord of Hosts: A Study in Malachi

Starting this Sunday, we begin a new study: the book of Malachi. We are going from the

Matt Robertson, one of our pastors, created this display.

first book of the Old Testament to the last book of the Old Testament. I am excited to start on this series, but sad to see the Genesis of the Gospel series go. I have truly enjoyed it; it is probably the most favorite of all series I have ever preached in 17 years of preaching.  But Malachi will be a wonderful series as well.

Just a couple of quick highlights that everyone should be aware of when reading and studying this book:

1. Malachi is the last prophet of the Old Testament. While there were some considered prophets (Simeon and Anna in Luke), they were not considered to be prophets of much significance.

2. Malachi was a post-exilic prophet. Most prophets fit in two categories: pre-exilic and post-exilic. Only a few of the prophets were exilic. In other words, most prophets prophesied before Judah went into exile in 605 B.C. or after they returned in 539/538 B. C.  Malachi wrote and prophesied about 100 years or so after the return from exile.

3. Malachi seems to be all over the place when writing his book. One moment he’s talking about divorce and the next moment he’s talking about tithing and suddenly he’s talking about the final judgment and out of no where a prophet like Elijah! Though it would seem to be disjointed, it in fact all points to one point: God is great, and He is to be seen, loved, and treated as such.

4. Malachi used God’s military title 27 times in 4 short chapters: the LORD of Hosts, or as Chris Tomlin might say, “The God of Angel Armies.” Perhaps God chose to describe Himself as such because the people would remember the Babylonian army and now in the midst of the Persian rule, the much greater, much faster, much stronger Persian army.  God’s army, the mighty angelic host of heaven is greater still.

My hope and prayer is that by studying Malachi, we will be in awe of God’s greatness.  I would encourage all of the members of HVBC to read through Malachi at least once this week, perhaps even once a day if possible.

But let me ask you, have you ever studied the book?  What are your favorite parts? What have you ever wondered about? Let me know!