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Top 10: Candy Bars

I’ve done sodas (pops, Cokes) and I’ve done ice creams, but now it is time for my top 10 list of candy bars!

10. Bar None
What ever happened to these?  These were top-notch candy bars.  I vaguely remember these, but I remember them enough to look for them at Halloween.

9. Twix
There is a right way and a wrong way to eat these things.  If you eat it like a regular candy bar, just biting it from end to end, you’re doing it wrong.  The right way to do it: Eat off the caramel/chocolate topping, leaving the cookie behind.  Then eat the cookie.  Not only do you get 2 candy bars in each wrapper, eating it my way gets you 4!  BTW: The right side is the best.

8. Mr. Goodbar
There’s something about the simplicity of peanuts and chocolate.  Too yummy.

7. Charleston Chews
I honestly don’t know why I like these candy bars. All I have to do is see one and I start craving it.  Sadly, I always got the little rinky-dink ones as a kid.  That’s only enough to feed the need for more.  The long CCs are the best.

6. Kit Kat
Again, like the Twix, there is a right way and a wrong way to eat these.  In fact, there is a wrong way and a wronger way.  I have actually seen people eat a Kit Kat without breaking the pieces together.  They need to be locked away for a long, long time.  But just breaking them apart and eating them individually is wrong too.  Break it apart, carefully eat the chocolate from the ends and sides, leaving the wafers in tact.  Pull off the wafer from the top, then slide it between the teeth (chocolate on top).  Do the same for the bottom wafer.  You should finish with the center wafer in tact, with most if not all the filling on both sides.  Slide it between the teeth so that all the filling is pushed off onto the front teeth.  Eat the wafer, and lick your teeth.  You’ll thank me later.

5. Heath/Skor
I will say, Heath Bars are slightly better than Skor.  But toffee and chocolate is just amazing no matter what.  As you can guess, there’s a right way to eat it: if you’re going to eat one of these bad boys, eat the chocolate from the top, then eat the rest like a lollipop.

4. 100 Grand
This is like a Rolo and Crunch Bar in one.  What’s not to love?

3. Snickers
If you’ve never frozen one of these and had it on a hot summer’s day, you don’t know what living is.  Be careful though.  It can break your teeth.  Trust me though, it’s better than a Snicker’s Ice Cream Bar.

2. Whatchamacallit
I still remember having my first Whatchamacallits. I was probably about 7 years old.  My sister and I were at a gas station and we saw it, begged for it, actually got it for once, and devoured it.  Delicious!

1. Butterfinger
Don’t lay a finger on my Butterfinger! I love these things.  Probably my favorite candy bar (though any of the others will do).  Leave this on the dashboard of your car for about 10 minutes (microwaving them won’t do the trick).  The natural heat melts them just enough to give them that almost, but not quite fresh-from-the-factory taste.

Runners up (because they aren’t technically candy bars): M&Ms, Rolos, Bit-o-Honey, and probably most of all Reese’s Pieces.

What did I miss?  Where did I go wrong?  Let me know your favorite candy bars. Is there one that I just need to try?