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You’re Gonna Wanna Read This! 7/24/18

Kathryn Butler wrote on the need for Christian love to be upon those who are suffering from depression.  She gives a thoughtful and clear analysis about what depression is and what it does to the mind and soul of a person.  “While the Bible urges us to open our arms to those crushed in spirit, too often sufferers of depression find the church to be a home for ridicule, rather than truth and love,” Butler wrote.  This is a great read for everyone.

Why Christian Love Matters in Depression

Yes! Yes! Yes!  Ian Hamilton does a great job in presenting how we are to view the Lord’s Supper.  I would highly recommend this reading.  For the reasons he gave here, and more, we changed the way we do the Lord’s Supper in our church.  Hamilton is right on the money!

How Should We Benefit from Communion?

Sin can make anyone feel worthless and that God hates them.  I love what Thomas Goodwin has to say about this issue.  These are some words of great comfort.  “God knew beforehand what we would be, and that we would sin, and yet chose us, and that therefore no sins will put him off.”  For more comfort read:

He Knew All Your Sins (Goodwin)

Adriel Sanchez tells us we need to stop searching for happiness; it’s making us miserable.  Rather there is something to meaning.  In this article, Sanchez explains what it is about meaning that allows happiness to enter our lives, and how it is that we find that meaning.

Stop Chasing Happiness. It’s Making You Miserable

Dr. Albert Mohler wrote a blog in response to an article published by the New York Times, written by a rabbi who stated that Leviticus may have originally taught that homosexual relationships were permitted rather than forbidden.  They were not an abomination at all.  Dr. Mohler, does a splendid job in refuting this dubious argument, as he stated in part: “Just about every verse of Leviticus is offensive to the modern secular mind.”  However, while he doesn’t go extremely deep, I would caution you to be ready for a lengthy argument, as such is needed in cases like this one.

Leviticus in The New York Times: What’s the Real Story Here?

You’re Gonna Wanna Read This! 7/20/18

Did you know that during World War I, a German U-boat fired a torpedo that his American soil?  It is the only attack on U.S. soil during WWI.  I must say this article in the Smithsonian is very well written and interesting.

How a Tiny Cape Cod Town Survived World War I’s Only Attack on American Soil

Al Mohler gives his reading list for the summer.  Keep in mind, this is a guy who rarely sleeps.  I will say though that many of these books do look like compelling reads, especially the one on the pony express.

Before the Lease Runs Out: Summer Reading List for 2018

This is a neat idea from Don Whitney.  It’s a little twist on reading your daily chapter in Proverbs.  Read until the end, as he gives some helpful advice for parents.

Why I read Proverbs every day

While I would say that you get what you pay for, this is some helpful advice from Patrick Hutchison on how to make the best of a bad hotel room.  Personally, having worked at Marriott and Hilton brand hotels for years, I will not stay at a hotel that costs less than $100 a night before any discount.  In other words, Marriotts, Hiltons, Holiday Inn Express, etc.  Don’t do the cheap hotels, unless you want to put these ideas into practice.

How to Make the Best of a Bad Hotel Room