Book Review: Turning Everyday Conversations into Gospel Conversations

Jimmy Scroggins, pastor of Family Church in West Palm Beach, Florida and Steve Wright, pastor of discipleship and church planting at the same church, teamed up and wrote a short book on evangelism. The title is what caught my eye. Personally, I have a hard time figuring out how to transition from everyday conversations into witnessing opportunities. When I saw the title, I knew I had to buy the book and read it. I am so thrilled to have found it and read it. It took me just a couple of hours to do so, but it has changed my way of evangelizing forever.

I am not going to give too much away in this book review, because I do believe that one should read this 116 page book themselves; it is worth the money if you want to become a better evangelizer (I use the word evangelizer versus evangelist as evangelists are considered professional or “really good” at evangelizing; evangelizers are what every Christian should be).

In seven quick chapters, Scroggins and Wright take us on a journey of evangelism. Because of my wanting to know about how to transition better, I jumped to chapter three (apparently missing that chapter four was titled “Transition to the Gospel”). Chapter three was about “Everyday People and Conversations”. The premise is that if one is having an actual conversation with someone, a problem or unwanted circumstance will eventually come up. That’s the cue to transition to the gospel. “Our conversations are never completely random or altogether open-ended. People are often looking to us to offer meaningful responses,” (p. 52). The only question is: can we give the most meaningful response? With the help of this book, the answer is yes.

The first two chapters of this book deal with the mission field and what the gospel is (don’t forget the resurrection of Christ; there is no hope if He has not risen). Then a quick chapter on how everyday conversations develop in chapter three, and finally in chapter four we find out how to transition those conversations into evangelistic opportunities. When I read how to do it, I literally said aloud, “Really? That’s it!? That’s all I have to do!?” It sounded so simple and yet I had never thought about it.

From that point, you will read about an evangelistic technique called the three circles method. This is so “user-friendly” it is flat out ridiculous. I quickly taught one of the church members that I pastor this method and three days later he led a woman to Christ using it. No evangelism would be complete without offering an invitation and response. That’s what chapter six is all about. And finally, chapter seven about making the new convert a disciple and an evangelizer immediately, without delay.

I only underlined one sentence in this book because it struck me so hard. “Repenting and believing doesn’t fix everything, but it does forgive everything,” (p. 84). There were many good things about this book, but that one line made an impact. In fact, I’ve probably said it to someone at least once a week sense reading this book three weeks ago.

If you get a chance, pick up this book and read it. It was published by B&H Publishing back in 2016. You can buy it on Amazon with Prime shipping for $9.22 or on for $9.29, not including shipping.

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