Top 10: Children’s Books

It’s Thursday’s Top 10 again! This is just a fun article every Thursday to help you, the reader, get to know me, the author, a little bit better.  It’s generally fun, always informative (even if there is no point to the information).  Today’s top 10 deals with my favorite children’s books.  I go back through my childhood and into adulthood where I read to my kids and give you my top 10. I give an Amazon link to each one, in case you want to buy a copy.

10. Pokey Little Puppy

I read this book all the time as a kid.  It’s about puppy-brothers going out exploring and playing.  However one would never stay with the others and always wound up getting home late. No matter what the consequence, the pokey little puppy wouldn’t learn.

9. The Crippled Lamb

A little lamb who has a bum leg is not allowed to go out to pasture with the rest of the sheep.  Instead he must stay in the cave with an old cow (and friend).  While there, he is woken up by the noise of a baby crying.  This is a heartwarming Christmas story that children are bound to love.

8. Corduroy

A bear in corduroy over-alls is for sale but he has lost one of his buttons. He searches the department store throughout the night looking for his button, but to no avail. The next morning a girl  who had seen him the day before, buys him, takes him home, and sews on a new button. Corduroy found the friend he’d always wanted.

7. Sammy and His Shepherd

This is a telling of Psalm 23 for children going through each line and telling a story through each. This is such a sweet story that my daughters loved to hear. For a full review click here.

6. Heckedy Peg

This book reminds me of a cross between Snow White and Hansel and Gretel.  A witch comes upon a house filled with seven children (each named after a day of the week).  She turns them into food, and takes them back to her house for a feast. When the mother returns home from the market she must find her children. A bird takes her to the witch’s house, but upon arrival she has one chance to figure out which food is which child or else the witch will eat them all.  I read this one between Halloween and Thanksgiving.  It has a witch and it has a lot of food.  Perfect for the fall season.

5. Green Eggs & Ham

Classic! Nothing more to say.

4. The Easter Angels

I love this story! The death angel is told to wait at the tomb of Jesus but has no idea why. He talks with another angel about all the things he has seen and done. Meanwhile they are awaiting the signal to read their orders and know why they were ordered to the tomb.  The signal came: women walking down the road. The orders were read.  Get the book and find out the ending; it gives me chills every time. Last I looked, there were only 3 left on Amazon.

3. Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories

Caution! I am not necessarily recommending this book.  It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s also not for the theologically astute.  But it was one of my favorites as a kid.  My mom stopped reading us these bedtime stories because she thought they were too sad and made us cry. But I loved them and would find the book and read the stories.  I found out a few years ago that the one I read as a kid was actually part of a series (I believe it was volume 1).  If your child is sensitive, you may not want to buy this book.  One of the stories was “Jesus Understands”. It’s about a kid who got hit by a car and rushed to the hospital. His roommate told him about Jesus. The next morning, the kid was dead.  Another was about a fire getting closer and closer to some type of explosive agent that would have destroyed the whole farm.  Little kids had to run to the stream so far away multiple times with their buckets to put the fire out. But they grew so tired and were tempted to give up.  Great stories!

2. Tikki Tikki Tembo

This is a “Chinese legend.” Though that’s not really true from what I can find; it’s just a fun children’s story. It is about how the Chinese give such short names to their children. It used to be the first born got really long names like Tikki Tikki Tembo No Sa Rembo Chari Bari Ruchi Pip Peri Pembo, but because of tragedy in a well, they stopped that tradition.  It is such a fun read; children crack up all through the book as I read it to them.

1. The Fall of Freddie the Leaf

This is the book that made me a lover of books. For my full “story” of this children’s book you can click here. While I don’t agree with it theologically, I do see that this book can be a great help to explain death to children.

Some runners up: Stone Soup, The Velveteen Rabbit, and Miss Nelson is Missing. So what children’s books are your favorite ones? What did I get wrong? Which one surprised you most? Let me know. Leave a comment below.

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