Joseph: A Life of Jesus

Have you ever noticed the similarities of Joseph (in the Old Testament) and Jesus?  While there were many differences, there were some ways their lives resembled one another’s. Here are four major ways:

  1. Purpose.  Both Joseph and Jesus were born to rule and by ruling they would save a people for themselves.  Joseph would save the twelve tribes of Israel (along with Israel itself) and Jesus would save all who were brought to Him by the Father.
  2. Prejudice. Both Joseph and Jesus were the “victims” of extreme prejudice. I put “victims” in quotes because it was all by God’s design.  However, Joseph faced prejudice from his brothers and so did Jesus (they thought he was crazy and mocked him), his town folk, and even the religious leaders.
  3. Purity. While Joseph was not perfect, he seemed to be shown in a pure light. He was not a man who winked at sin, and so he told his father when his brothers were not doing their job. He ran from his master’s room, for he could not do such a sin against God.  Of course, Jesus was the only sinless One. He who knew no sin became sin for all who would put their faith in him.
  4. Perfidy. That’s a $10 word for betrayal. Joseph’s brothers betrayed him for 20 shekels of silver (the going rate of a slave), Potiphar’s wife betrayed him, and even the cupbearer in prison betrayed him.  Jesus too was betrayed. His close disciple Judas betrayed him for 30 pieces of silver (that too was the going rate of a slave), the disciples left him, and Peter denied him.
  5. Power. Through it all, Joseph was purposed for power.  Though he had to be sold into slavery and spent much time in prison, Joseph rose to power to save not only his own people, but as Genesis 50:20 pointed out, many nations were blessed by him. They came to him for their grain to make bread.  Jesus rose from death to sit upon the throne, inheriting the name that is above every name. But the nations still come to him for bread, for He is the bread of life.

You can watch the complete sermon as this was only a synopsis of it.  May God bless you.


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