Meaningful Meaninglessness (Ecclesiastes 9:1-10)

As a pastor, being on vacation allows me to sit and hear someone else preach a sermon that I normally wouldn’t get to hear. Today, I listened to Geoff Smith (pastor of Missionary Baptist in Greenwood, WI) preach out of Ecclesiastes.

Here are my notes from the sermon. Keep in mind these are not direct quotes, but notes and thoughts as he preached.

The reality of death shows us how to live.

Being in the hands of God doesn’t seem to be as safe as people think it might be.

If you had to choose you’d rather be a living dog, stray and mangy, than a dead lion. Being alive is a little better than being dead because you can prepare for death in life. It’s too late once you’re dead. But rather than think about it, most choose to ignore the fact of death.

Ecclesiastes 9:7-10 are the Carpe Diem of Ecclesiastes.

“For God has already approved” is in the context eating and drinking. God takes pleasure in our pleasure.

As Christians we are not to be walking around moping but enjoying life.

Life’s too short to do something half-heartedly.

In Christ we have a taste of the abundant life—true enjoyment of the things God gives, even more: God Himself.

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