Top 10: Bone-headed Things I Did as a Kid (Part 2)

Last week, I started this list and only got half way through.  Each bone-headed experience was just that: an experience and I thought I should share the experience with you.  If you missed them or want to review them, click here.  Remember Top 10 Thursdays are a light-hearted, just getting to know me a little better kind of day. So let’s begin.

5. If all your friends were to jump…

Apparently the answer is yes for me.  When I was 16 or 17 years old, some acquaintances invited me to go with them to swim in Towaliga River.  Now to everyone else outside of Georgia, that’s pronounce Tao uh lie guh, but where I’m from it’s Tal a guh.  We went swimming in these moccasin infested waters, but thankfully only saw them skimming in the distance.  But there was a tree that was already pre-rigged with a swing and someone had nailed boards all the way up to a long, sturdy branch from which people jumped into the water.  Let’s just say it was a very high, long, sturdy branch.  The way the tree grew, once you were up, you would not likely be able to climb down safely.  Once you were up, you had to jump.  So I did.  The first time was scary.  After that it was fun.  We got to swimming though, and a couple of hours later I wanted to jump again.  I got to the top and for the first time, I realized that rivers must have tides too because the river seemed about 10 feet further down than the first time I jumped.  Like I said, once up, you had to jump.  I screamed like a little girl, and right before hitting the water I realized if I hit the riverbed, I could break my legs.  I quickly adjusted my angle and hit the water.  Sure enough, my feet hit the bottom, but at enough of an angle that my heels slid throwing me horizontal, so that my back hit the floor…pretty softly.  Never went to Towaliga River again!

4. Flip the cart

I was probably about 10 years old that year.  I got a go-cart for Christmas.  A two-seater! It was a beautiful blue color and looked so much fun.  I took it out for a spin (apparently it was a mild winter in Georgia).  Somehow, and I am not sure how, I flipped the go-cart over.  I was under it, managed to crawl out, and turned and watched as my precious present burned to a crisp.  Not to worry though!  My parents went out the next day and bought me a one-seater (they figured a two-seater with only one person was more likely to flip).  I had so much fun on that thing.  My brother however found out very quickly that it too will flip, or at least roll.  He rolled it about 4 times, landed on all four wheels, had a look of both terror and excitement, and gunned the gas again.

3. You’ll shoot your eye out

Remember the movie, “The Christmas Story?”  The kid wanted a Red Rider BB Gun.  Everyone kept telling him, “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid.”  Well, let’s just say that I didn’t need no stinkin BB gun.  I was about 13 years old when I saw our security light outside our house, about 25-30 feet high.  I also saw our gravel driveway.  What is a 13 year old to do when discovering these two objects?  I grabbed a couple of rocks to see if I could hit the light.  The first one was a terrible throw.  But the second one, I lost in the light.  I heard it hit the plastic cover though.  Instinctively, I started to put my head down.  Suddenly, the rock having ricocheted off the cover hit me about a 1/4 inch above my eye.  All I saw was red.  I was bleeding all over.  Thankfully it wasn’t my eye, but my eyelid.  I still have a little scar.

2. I got my car accidents out of the way at an early age

In the country, driver’s licenses are just a formality.  My dad taught me to drive a stick shift by the time I was 10.  Not to worry, I only drove our Dodge Omni around our 8 acre home.  I was 12 before I started driving on the street.  I remember one Christmas community get together at our local community center, I was asked to take some friends home that lived about a mile away.  I grabbed the keys, everyone got in, and I started to back up my dad’s Dodge Ram (we were a Dodge family).  The problem was that it wouldn’t go anywhere.  I kept gunning the gas, but it was stuck.  I finally looked forward to see that his bumper had caught on the neighboring minivan’s fender, and I was inadvertently pulling it alone with me.  That was $500 we weren’t looking to spend that Christmas.  I then wrecked the same Ram going through a trail in the woods on a rainy day.  The mud caused it to slide sideways right into a tree.  Finally, when I was 18, I bought my mom a dog, a beautiful husky.  That husky and my dog did not get along too well.  They were constantly fighting and I was having to pull them apart.  One day, as I’m driving the Ram down the driveway, they both start chasing it as they always do.  Suddenly a fight broke out.  What did I do?  I jumped out of the truck to stop it.  It wasn’t until after I had separated them, that I realized I’d never actually stopped the truck.  It had kept going…headfirst into a tree.

1. Where’s Chris?

My sister (as far as anyone knows) skipped school once in her life, and got caught.  Four years later, I skipped school and I too got caught.  We both knew people who skipped school all the time and never got caught.  But not us.  If memory serves me correctly, hers was something like a senior skip day.  Mine was not.  I’ll get to that in a moment.  I simply picked the wrong day to skip.  My acting partner and I had just won regionals for our one-act play.  It was on to state!  I knew that in order to go on a “field-trip” on a Saturday, you had to be at school for half the day on Friday.  It was Friday and I wasn’t feeling well.  I asked my mom if I could stay home and rest until lunch time.  She told me (as any good mom would) that if I was healthy enough to go to school a half day, I was healthy enough to go a full day.  I left to pick up my girlfriend at the time.  When I got to her house though, I had decided I’d just stay there until lunch.  Little did I know that my drama teacher wanted to rehearse the play Friday morning.  She went to my scheduled class to pull me out, and saw I wasn’t there.  She started asking around, “Where’s Chris?” That’s when they saw that my girlfriend was also absent.  They put two and two together and started calling parents.  When I saw that her mom called her house, I freaked and we sped to school.  Since she was innocent of the entire matter, nothing happened to her, but I got In School Suspension for a week.  They allowed my drama teacher to choose whether or not we went to state.  She chose not to.  She hated me after that.  I’m not exaggerating.  She told me to transfer out of her class or she would fail me.  She never spoke to me again.  I saw her a couple of years after graduation, she turned away, and walked into her class to avoid me.  As it turned out, Monday morning I went to the doctor.  He sent me to have x-rays of my chest, and informed me that I nearly had double pneumonia.  If I had waited another day, I’d be in the hospital.

That’s that.  How about you?  Ever do anything bone-headed as a kid?  I’d love to hear about it.  Comment below and let me know.

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