You’re Gonna Wanna Read This 7/30/18

John Piper wrote a wonderful life-lesson that involved William Wilberforce.  As he so often does, Piper has written a short biographical sketch on the life of Wilberforce, and what he was able to accomplish.  “William Wilberforce is proof that a man can change his times, though he cannot do it alone” (William Wilberforce, 88).

His Stubborn Joy Brought Slavery Down

Wayne Grudem gives an interesting perspective on choosing the lesser of two evils.  This is a video (with transcript) put on by Crossway, as Grudem has released his Christian Ethics book.  “This “impossible moral conflict” view easily becomes a slippery slope that encourages Christians to sin more and more. Then people lose their moral backbone and they’re encouraged, when under great pressure, to disobey God.”

Do Christians Ever Need to Choose the Lesser Sin?

Wormwood carries on the legacy of his uncle Screwtape, mentoring an apprentice through letters.  Globdrop is his name, and he is learning how to ruin a Bible study.  “Let them commune with their feelings and opinions while the Enemy’s book lies open on their laps.”

How to Sabotage a Bible Study

Chrysostom was a wonderful expositor of God’s Word back in the fourth century.  Here he explains why we need Jesus to be our Mediator.  “A [regular] man could not have become a mediator, because he must also plead with God.  God could not have been mediator, since those could not receive Him, toward whom he should have mediated.”

Christ Our Mediator (Chrysostom)

Since, our church is going through Genesis at the moment, I thought I’d post this article from Answers in Genesis that reviews a Crossway study on Bible reading, showing that people are neglecting the reading of the Old Testament in particular and the beginning books specifically.  “Just over 10 percent of respondents found the first 5 books of the Bible the hardest to understand.”

Study Indicates Beginning of Scripture Neglected

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