You’re Gonna Wanna Read This! 6/25/18

“Corporate worship is not a gathering only for overflow. The full may overflow. That is worship. The languishing come to drink at the fountain of God’s life-giving word.” So says John Piper. In this post you will find that it is good to come desperate and needy.

Come to Church Desperate

You may have heard of the Turkish election, where the current president won in a landslide, and now has nearly autocratic powers (as he now has the power of both president and prime minister). Meanwhile a pastor is in a Turkish prison being used as a pawn. Here is an article you can find out what the latest info is on Pastor Bocek.

Pastor in Muslim Country Wrongfully Indicted

Melanie Lacey gives good reasons parents should be teaching their kids theology.

8 Things to Remember When Teaching Kids Theology

Richard Sibbes is known as the Puritan with compassion. Puritana tend to get a raw deal and made to look like their stoic, uncaring and mean-spirited. Richard Sibbes seems to have avoided these accusations. The others are not that way either, but Sibbes simply has a way about him. Here is a short except on the art of faith.

The Art of Faith; or A Holy Defiance (Sibbes)

I saw ‘Incredibles 2’ on opening weekend. The theater was packed! After watching it, I can away liking the first much better. I was a bit disappointed since I heard that they would not make a new one until they had a script and plot as good as the first. Collin Huber articulated well how I felt as I came out of theaters.

‘Incredibles 2’ and the Importance I’d Starting Small

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