You’re Gonna Wanna Read This! 6/15/18

Rosaria Butterfield gives some handy advice on hospitality. Specifically two reasons we don’t practice it and how to overcome them. This is both video and blog.

2 Big Barriers to Christian Hospitality

Brett and Kate McKay give you some advice on how to be better at remembering names and what to do if you draw a blank. Very helpful if you are constantly meeting new people.

How to Remember a Person’s Name

Justin Taylor explains what St. Augustine meant when he wrote “Act as you desire, so long as you act with love.” It doesn’t mean what many think means.

Augustine’s Grid: Act as You Desire, So Long as You Act with Love

Lavinia Drusus writes on a site being excavated in Austria, revealing mass graves from the Napoleonic Wars. It reveals what life was like with scurvy, pneumonia, etc., along with pictures of artifacts and skeleton remains.

Battlefield Dig Finds Napoleonic Mass Graves

Ligonier gives an excerpt from R. C. Sproul’s book The Prayer of the Lord, on what it means when we say, “Hallowed Be your name.”

Hallowed Be Your Name

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