Top 10: Why My Mom is the Best Mom (for me)

In honor of Mother’s Day:

10. I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for her (quite literally).

She gave birth to me. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t exist. But also, if she didn’t rear (as one of my teachers once said: you raise cattle; you rear children) me in the fear and admonition of the the Lord, I would be a different man than I am.

9. Her texts

She is probably the best septuagenarian texter I know.

8. Her calls

For longer conversations, she calls. Though she doesn’t call that often, always concerned not to take up too much of my time (even though I tell her not to worry about it). She just wants to know what is going on with me, the church, or the family.

7. Her cooking

She is old-school. She makes scrambled eggs with bacon grease! Her biscuits are homemade. Her roast is out of this world. Plus, she has a Christmas cookie named after her (of course, I named it): the Shirley-Graham. Her Thanksgiving/Christmas dinners are out of this world.

6. Her encouragement

She always has an “alright!” up her sleeve. She sends encouraging words through text, email, and on birthdays: through snail mail.

5. Her honesty

My mom is honest, even if she knows we won’t like it. There have been times where it has stung, but I’ve been the better for it. She gives an honest opinion. I didn’t always appreciate it as a kid, but I see its value now. She never took my side, if I was in the wrong. There was never any defense for me against my teachers. If the teacher said it, that was truth (and it always was).

4. Her laugh

She has the funniest laugh. It’s infectious. Especially if she can’t stop.

3. Her prayers

She is a prayer-warrior. If she says she will pray for you, she means it. It’s good to know she is constantly lifting me up in prayer.

2. Her strength

My mom could write a book. I’ve told her to. She’d be a millionaire. God has taken her through so much. She can sympathize and empathize with so many because of it. She is a stronger woman in her faith than just about any person I know.

1. She’s my mom

Even if 10 through 2 were not so, I’d love her because she’s my mom. She is the one God allowed me to be birthed to, and she is the one who reared (not raised) me. She is my mom.

How about you? Why is your mom the best mom (for you)? Make a comment.

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