T4G18: David Platt & Matt Chandler

Continuing on with my personal assessment of the main speakers at T4G, I come to David Platt and Matt Chandler.  I actually enjoyed both sermons and found both convicting.

I must admit, that the jury is still out when it comes to my personal feelings about David Platt.  There are times when he preaches/teaches that I come away really moved by his passion and urgency in his sermons/lessons.  Other days I am rubbed the wrong way by it, as if he is making a mountain out of a molehill. However, I am leaning toward it being my fault and not his.  It is my cold heart, not his bright, glowing red-hot passion for God’s glory and the gospel.

As I sat way up in the stands, I listened as he opened up Amos 5.  Who preaches from Amos at a conference!?  Platt does.  That’s who.  He quickly exegeted the text–very quickly, and went right into application.  His main thrust of the text was simply that the people of God were “Indulging in worship while ignoring injustice.”  The application was obvious: the church is doing the same thing that the Israel did thousands of years earlier.  This was the first sermon that at T4G to really deal with racial injustice, and I must say that Platt did a wonderful job of it.  He was prepared.  He came armed with information, stats, illustrations, and even a PowerPoint presentation, but most importantly: God’s Word.

I was concerned about the T4G conference after watching Twitter explode over the MLK50 conference the week before.  Pastor Platt must have seen the explosion too because he seemed to take the arguments that people were making toward the idea that pulpits should not preach on racial injustice/inequality and answer every one of them.  He did so with passion and compassion.  His final thoughts were: 1. Look at the reality of racism, 2. Live in true multi-ethnic community, 3. Listen to and learn from one another, and 4. Let’s long for the day when justice will be perfect.  David Platt’s sermon was one for the T4G ages.

Now, on to Matt Chandler.  I love me some Chandler.  Until Ligon Duncan, I thought Bro. Chandler’s sermon to be the best.  He has a way of pulling me in and making my head explode with the truth of God’s Word.  Right off the bat, he said, “The beatitudes cannot be accomplished with white-knuckled discipline.”  Wow.  The beatitudes were simply the picture of the ideal man in Christ.  Yes!  And I thought his point that salt is salt and salt cannot lose its saltiness, and that light is light and you light a light because you need light.  You don’t light a light in order to keep it out of dark places.  Brilliant!

The sermon was convicting and yet uplifting.  It was done in standard Matt Chandler fashion, even though he was under the weather.  I would highly recommend listening. And remember: “It is the holiness of heaven that drives out the filthiness of hell.”

Next week, I will give my thoughts on Kevin DeYoung and Dr. Al Mohler, Lord willing.

All right, it’s your turn.  What did you think about the sermons by David Platt or Matt Chandler?  Were they convicting?  Encouraging?  Gracious?  Let me know in by commenting.

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