Creating Christmas/Advent Memories

Our family does family worship, though not as often as I’d like.  But one time of year that does seem to be pretty consistent is Advent (or Christmas, if you’d like).  Our children range in ages between 8 and 14, but I’ve already heard the questions from more than one, and the anticipation from them all, as to when we are going to do “it” this year.  Clearly the tradition we started 3 years ago has had an impact and creates an excitement for Christmas.  If I were to be honest (and I do try to be): I thought this was a neat idea and yet also thought the kids would be bored by it.  I’m sure “it” isn’t an original idea with me; I’m not that clever, but here it is:

We take one of our nativity sets and each day we hide a figurine somewhere in the house.  The kids get to play a little hide and seek for about 10 minutes though sometimes we have a particularly good slueth and it’s over inImage result for 11 piece Nativity set 2 or 3 minutes.   Of course the holy family is saved for the last 3 days with Jesus being found on Christmas/Christmas Eve.

After each character is found we discuss the meaning behind them.  This doesn’t necearily relate to the Christmas story.  For instance, when a lamb is found we discuss the sacrificial lamb or the Passover lamb and how that represents Jesus.  When a “wise man” is found we discuss how God chooses the foolish things and not the wise things of the world.”

This year, we have incorporated another aspect to our Advent Family Worship.  We have Image result for construction paper chain red greencut up red and green construction paper and put names, events, etc. on each one, then made a chain of garland, attaching it to our wall.  Each night we take one link off and pray for whatever is written on it.  I know that wasn’t original.

What traditions do you do for Advent/Christmas?

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